Dyani one of our second year athletes has had a very successful 2019/2020 athletic season. In the women’s hammer throw event, Dyani has shown great determination throughout her season resulting in great success. Dyani competed at the Porritt Classic in Hamilton and the Capital Classic in Wellington back in February, which was her first-time competing at any of the Classic meet series events. They provided great competition experience with  international class fields, with New Zealand, America and Australia’s top throwers competing. Over the course of the season Dyani improved her personal best to 50.50m and broke the Otago Women’s 19 and 20-year-old age records. The NZ Track and Field Championships was Dyani’s last event of NZ’s domestic season,  and Although she didn’t meet her personal best she was was still satisfied with placing 7th  (6th Kiwi) in the senior event, as it was her first nationals competing as a senior athlete.

Quote from Dyani ” There was a lot of fantastic work and progress that went on behind the scenes this past season, and although that didn’t fully translate into results or distances I was aiming for during the season, a significant amount of learning went on that will be applied next season”.

So far,  as a second year athlete in the programme, Dyani  has learnt skills and information that are highly valuable building blocks, furthering and reinforcing what was taught in 2019, to becoming a more well-informed and conscientious athlete. Dyani said ” The awareness and information provided has set up the ability to be prepared from the get go, which will be invaluable in helping me be able to compete as well as I can”.