Talent Development Programme

Talent Development Programmes

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Talent Development Programmes are delivered in Otago, North Otago and Central Otago. These programmes are for regionally identified athletes –  nationally identified pre-elite athletes who are on the HPSNZ End to End pathway and who are already receiving support are not eligible for the Programme. OAS will consider athletes who do not meet the NSO or HPSNZ criteria, but are tracking towards National and International success. It’s an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills within a really supportive family environment, which ultimately will help to enhance their performance. There are two main components to the services and support offered to athletes involved in the Academy  Programme:

  1. Performance Related Workshops: Sports Nutrition, Mental Skills, Athlete Life, Strength and Conditioning.
  2. Group and Individual Services – One on One Consultations

The majority of services offered in Year One (the Foundation Year), is centred on group services/workshops. These workshops focus on developing the athlete’s support service knowledge and increasing their understanding of the key principles of  training and performance.

Athletes and coaches will have the opportunity to gain greater insight into a wide range of services.

We build on this in year two (The Leadership Year), with a more individual focus on the athletes’ needs, as well as further education in sports science, mental health and well-being and strength and conditioning support.


Funding permitting, we continue to support athletes  after they complete the Leadership Year and graduate. If they haven’t been nationally identified by their sport and offered support from HPSNZ, but are getting close to achieving their sporting goals and qualification criteria, then Otago Academy will do everything in their power to continue supporting these athletes to help them get there.

Programme Manager: Carmel Leslie

[email protected]

Ph: 03 4790640/Mob: 0275713382